Pizza Delivery Boy from CFNM Idol

Pizza delivery isn’t the best of jobs, but last Saturday afternoon sure made it a whole lot more interesting. I had an order to deliver two blocks away from the restaurant. The apartment complex there was a pretty common place I frequented because most of the residents were regulars. I was in a bit of a rush having 8 food orders to deliver, so I tried to be hasty. When I arrived at one particular apartment however, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by two very hot chicks. Now the pizza was only seven bucks, but they handed me a twenty. I explained that I didn’t have any change and they insisted I keep the change, telling me that they only tip for ‘hot’ people. Not only did they imply that they thought I was hot, but they invited me in to stay for a while! I checked the time and lied about having a few minutes of spare time. Fuck the other orders. I’m not passing up an opportunity like this. They started asking if I worked out. Their eyes roamed all over my body like two hungry wolves on prey. I told them I worked out at a gym and they began touching my muscles. I could feel myself getting hard through my jeans and tried to compose myself. The girls asked if I was thirsty and went to get me a drink. I stayed and fantasized about all the dirty things I wish could happen until they came back with a glass of wine. I sipped it and noticed that it tasted a little bitter than usual. All of a sudden I became very dizzy. My vision began to blur… The next thing I knew, I was half naked and laying in between the girls. They must have removed my jeans. My dick was a little sore so I knew I got some action, I was just disappointed I couldn’t remember jack shit. I asked what had happened. With a giggle and flushed faces they ran off, leaving me to wonder…
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