Sex Ed With Mrs. Johnson from CFNM Exposed

We walked in and sat down in class, but for some reason our usual teacher Mr. Roberts was not there. “Hello Class, I’m Mrs Johnson. Your regular teacher is sick so I will be temping for him, and as it is necessary to cover sex education in this year’s curriculum I thought it would be a good idea to have your first class in Sex Education.” I noticed a couple of the girls near by giggle as I glanced around the class, there was hardly any students here today because it was the last day before our vacation and most students had convinced their parents to let them stay home. I guess that’s really why our teacher wasn’t there. Regardless of his absence, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only boy in the room, along side three other girls. I suddenly became very nervous. “May I be excused?” I said. “No, if you needed the bathroom you should’ve gone during recess. Stay in your seat.” She paused. “As I was saying, this is your first class in sex education, and we will be learning about the male anatomy.” She looked at me, “Rick, could you come up here for a second?” I stuttered, “Um, ok” and stumbled up out of my seat, looking and feeling rather nervous. “Don’t be nervous” she smiled, walking over to the door and pushing it shut. I wondered why she was shutting the door but shrugged it off, thinking nothing of it. She walked back over besides me, looking back at the class. “Stand up straight Rick. ” I stood up as straight as I could, looking timidly at my classmates. “This is the male anatomy.” She said, running her hand down my chest. I blushed. “Take your shirt off Rick.” “What?” “Take your shirt off.” “I don’t think I should.” “Take your shirt off now, or maybe you’d like me to send you to the principle and say you were disturbing my class?”
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